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TSI Fleetmanager is one of the most modern fleet management solutions, with which you always have an overview of where your vehicles are located.

Complete Cost Control

  • Tracking of exact fuel consumption of all vehicles
  • Any vehicle type or make
  • Exact billing
  • Break-down of exact fuel consumption per driver

With vehicle-type independent fuel recording combined with automatic driver recognition, TSI Fleetmanager tracks the actual fuel consumption for every single route, every vehicle and every driver .

In a fleet of delivery vehicles knowing the exact fuel consumption is particularly important. The integrated, seasonal and vehicle-dependent targets give you an instant overview of your drivers' performances.

Unnecessary idle times with running engines are easily detected, driver behaviour is optimised, and fuel costs reduced.


Achieve drastic savings in fuel economy
Create transparency quickly and flexibly, saving money, material and labour in a short time

Increased Efficiency

  • Better coordination / dispositioning
  • Simplification in vehicle management

Companies in the transport and logistics sector profit from TSI Solutions by quickly and flexibly creating transparency and, thus, saving money, material and labour in a short time!

Operate you your fleet more economically and improve the efficiency in your daily processes.

Always know exactly where your vehicles are!

Remote Order Management

  • Direct and simplified communication with vehicles and drivers
  • Easily send orders and destinations to vehicles

With TSI's remote order management you are always in direct contact with your drivers. Send orders and destinations directly to the navigation systems of your vehicles and track live when your vehicles arrive at their destinations.

By combining your telematics with routing in the vehicle, you always have up-to-date estimated arrival times, even taking into account the current traffic situation.

Optimal utilization of your fleet has never been so easy!

Provide working instructions directly to your drivers or let your dispatch quickly respond to messages. With the bi-directional remote order management drivers communicate seamlessly with the head office using the vehicle display. Even several orders and destinations are not a problem and can be easily stored in the navigation device and processed one after the other or optimised by route.

Flexible monitoring functions alert you immediately in case of special events!

Anti-Theft and Cargo Protection

With TSI's flexible and versatile monitoring and surveillance functions you can be informed about special events immediately.

Using TSI Fleetmanager's theft protection you will be notified momentarily e.g. by SMS if your vehicle leaves a permitted area.

The recipient is informed about the current location of the stolen vehicle with up to 5 meter accuracy, for example by SMS or Email.

With the TSI monitoring function optimally protected against theft!

Being alerted in case of vehicle theft is not all! TSI also provides solutions to protect your cargo and even against fuel theft.

This is made possible with a sophisticated system of sensors connected to an on-board unit. With this unit the driver can be notified instantly as well as the company headquarters or an external security control centre in case the company is not manned at night.

Proven technology: Our solution already played an integral role in arresting and charging an internationally operating gang of thieves, as reported on German national television: Spiegel TV (German only).

Documentation and analysis of routes

With integrated, zoomable maps you always have all your vehicles in direct view. You can track routes live and dispatch on short notice.

You can check, monitoring and analyse the location, route and all operations and data of your vehicles.

All data is also easily transferable and seamlessly integrates into your own IT systems using standardized interfaces (API) or common export formats (such as Excel, CSV, PDF, ...).

With TSI you maintain reliable records and proof of your services and easily counter any recourse claims

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