15 Years TSI Telematic Services GmbH


In October

TSI Telematic

celebrates its 15th anniversary.

We are proud of these 15 years, of what we have created during this time and what has made this company what it is today.

15th anniversary of TSI Telematic Services GmbH
Portrait of the Managing Director

We thank our customers for placing their trust in our company, our products and solutions - some have been with us for over 15 years. We would also like to thank our great employees and partners who have made our success possible.

We see our success, of course, in our standard and turnkey-complete solutions, but especially in offering our customers expert advice for their ideas and requirements, in developing special solutions and in realising and implementing these solutions for our customers.

TSI stands for professional concepts. Not only do we see ourselves as a provider of telematics solutions, but also as your competence partner who works with you to achieve your specific requirements and make your processes more effective, faster or cheaper. The interests of our customers always have the highest priority for us. In recent years, we have developed, implemented and rolled out countless custom projects for many of our customers.

In this spirit, thank you, and we look forward to the next 15 years!

Nico Baumgarten

Managing Director & Lead Developer

We start where others quit

Our platform approach offers the highest flexibility and adaptability, not only for our users. Often in recent years, have we been able to build on and improve upon proven technology and introduce new products and innovations. Our product portfolio and solutions are constantly expanding. A small overview of our current highlights.

TSI Fleetmanager

The Fleet Management with

  • Live dispatching with GPS
  • Vehicle and cost management
  • Mobile Order Management
  • Operational planning and scheduling
  • Driving licence checks
  • and much more

Tachograph Download

Remote reading of digital tachographs

  • with integrated violation analysis
  • driver instruction and documentation
  • live remaining driving times
  • legally compliant archiving
  • and much more
Extremely simple set-up of the card reader

TSI Light — The AI-Driver's Log

Self-learning driver's log with artificial intelligence

  • Automatically create driving records
  • Automatically recognise recurring journeys
  • Automatically assign trip reason and contact person
  • Automatically exclude private journeys
  • and much more

TSI Connect

Smartphone app for the road

  • AI-Driver's Log
  • Driving licence checks
  • Inventory management
  • Theft protection
  • Working time recording
  • and much more
Automatische Alarmierung bei Ereignissen

Sensors & Measurements

Record, Monitor, Alert

  • direct tank level measurement with ultrasound
  • automatic driver recognition
  • theft protection
  • temperature logging
  • any type of measuring and signalling sensors
  • and much more

And many more solutions

TSI Inventory

  • Management of inventory and small equipment

TSI Working Time Recording

  • via smartphone
  • portable in vehicles and stationary units

All kinds of customised solutions

  • e.g. plant, facility & building monitoring

We are constantly expanding our range with drive and a spirit of innovationCourage for innovation

Through a lot of drive and a spirit of innovation, we are constantly expanding our range of products and services and have achieved a recognised position in the telematics industry.

Highly innovative and with the latest technologies and processes, we achieve the best results to serve you over the long term in your business.

With TSI Telematic you are always state-of-the-art.
Seal of the Stifterverband 2020/2021Seal of the Stifterverband 2018/2019

Through our active research and development of new solutions, which above all brings added value for our customers, we, as a market-leading company, make our contribution to the advancement of the country.

The development of artificial intelligence in our processes, among other things, is an especially important topic. As recognised and promoted by the Federal Government, artificial intelligence is one of the key economic and societal competences for the future in all areas.

In 2018 and 2020, TSI Telematic was awarded the „Innovative through Research“ seal of approval by the Stifterverband.

TSI Telematic places great emphasis on quality and service!Service of the highest level

Of course, TSI Telematic places great emphasis on quality and service. We are only satisfied when you are.

We hope that you will continue to remain satisfied with TSI Telematic and rely on our solutions and expertise in the future. We are looking forward to continuing our excellent business relationship, so that we can celebrate our 25th anniversary together in 10 years' time.

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15 Years TSI Telematic Services GmbH

TSI Telematic Services GmbH celebrates its 15th anniversary in October!

In October, TSI Telematic celebrates its 15th anniversary. These have been eventful years and TSI has grown into today's successful telematics company.