The TSI Fleetmanager is one of the most advanced fleet management solutions, which opens new possibilities and advantages especially for bus companies.

With many functions specially optimized for buses, you create an unprecedented level of transparency in your processes and thus increase your quality.

Advantages for your bus operators

  • Increase efficiency and simplify vehicle management

    Increased Efficiency

    • Enhanced coordination/planning/dispatching
    • Simplified vehicle management
    • Simplified cooperation between dispatch and maintenance/workshop

    Ensure even more economic efficiency in your fleet and in your daily operations. With additional efficiency you can, for example, act faster and more precisely in unusual circumstances.

    Optimize and re-design your existing processes more efficiently to achieve an even better result and to use your existing resources more effectively.

  • Significant cost savings through sustained reduction of fuel consumption
    The streets are paved with gold

    Costs under control

    • Cost reductions by reducing fuel consumption

      • Measurement and recording of fuel consumption of ALL buses and drivers
      • Measurement of stand still durations with running engines
      • Introduction of a consumption-related remuneration for drivers
      • Identification of drivers with training needs

    • Direct measurement on the vehicle

      Measure fuel consumption in real-time directly on the vehicle and identify critical deviations from average values at an early stage. The fuel consumption measurement is suitable for all vehicles, of all ages, and all types.

    Up to 15%
    fuel savings
    • Driver and vehicle specific consumption analysis & targets

      With our vehicle type-independent fuel recording system combined with driver recognition, TSI Fleetmanager calculates the exact, actual fuel consumption for each individual route driven, each vehicle and each driver.

      The integrated seasonal and vehicle-specific targets give you an immediate overview of your drivers’ performance.

    • Incentives for an economic driving style

      With TSI Fleetmanager you can easily create sustainable incentives for an economic driving style, e.g. through internal contests or incentive-based remuneration models for your drivers. This way, you can permanently reduce the fuel consumption of your fleet and thus the costs for your company.

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  • Improving Quality

    • Determine early and late arrivals at bus stops
    • Defend against schedule compliance complaints

    The documentation of routes, especially with regard to schedule compliance and timetables, is of great importance to bus operators. Not only is it possible, for example, to fend off claims for damages that are based on alleged delays or early departures, but the journey record also serves as an important supporting pillar in schedule optimisation and quality assurance.

Customer feedback

What our customers say

„The technology is exhausted – the potential lies with the drivers“ Ralf Neubaur, Head of fleet dispatch
In addition to efficiency gains and help in quality assurance, especially when demonstrating compliance with timetables, the major savings in fuel costs are considerable.
Through the analysis of fuel consumption per driver, we achieve a considerable improvement of the total fuel consumption and a longer life of our vehicles. Dietmar Scheller, Dispatch manager
The management of our vehicles is more transparent through the versatile and comprehensive reports and analyses. Our accounting department is also very pleased with the lightened workload.
We have significantly reduced the standstill times with running engines with the monitoring of the TSI system.

TSI - Your partner for bus telematics

With our wide-ranging solution portfolio, TSI Telematic Services is not only a leading supplier of telematics solutions and services but also a strong partner in the realisation of your telematics projects.

With the telematics solution for buses, we have brought together our many years of experience and know-how to create exactly the solution for bus companies and operators that has a significant impact on the reduction of fuel consumption and costs, which, not least, also benefits our environment.

We advise you and together find the tailor-made solutions that is optimal to your individual, specific needs.

We are your partner in enhancing your competitiveness.

Amortization already in the first year!

With the significant savings due to more economic driving behaviour and drastic reduction of standstill times with running engines, the system literally pays for itself already in the first year itself!

With improved driving styles and economic driver behavior of vehicles, wear and tear is reduced notably, which over time leads to additional cost savings.

TSI Fleetmanager also provides quantitative statistics on the economy e.g. of different vehicle types or brands on the basis of real, collected data, which is invaluable in well-founded decision-making processes.

Examples from the live system

Below we have compiled some screenshots from the live system to illustrate some of the many features.

Overview Map
Consumption &
                Cost Analysis per Route
Goal Achievement per
Fuel Consumption and
                Target Achievement per Vehicle
Overview Map

Overview Map

With our live GPS tracking you always know where your vehicles are located


Route Details

Of course, you can also track driven routes in a map view


Satellite View

Use the integrated satellite view to better map locations



With our interactive dashboard you  always have all vehicles directly in view

  • Real-time data visualization
  • Up-to-the-minute map display of all vehicles
  • Integraged direction and speed display


Select a vehicle to view its current position and direction of movement.

You will also get a quick overview of recent trips.

Consumption &
                Cost Analysis per Route

Consumption & Cost Analysis per Route

Using the built-in reports, you can instantly identify the actual fuel consumption for each single journey and the costs incurred.

Goal Achievement per

Goal Achievement per Driver

The driver statistics, allow following exactly how well your drivers achieve the goals set.

Goal adjustments, e.g. for vehicle or season, are automatically taken into account.

Fuel Consumption and
                Target Achievement per Vehicle

Fuel Consumption and Target Achievement per Vehicle

You can view the consumption statistics by vehicle and also select the fuel-target performance for each vehicle to be displayed.

This way, you can track whether targets are set too optimistically or too easy to achieve.

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